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My Rare Collections

Ethereum Blockchain-Based NFT Marketplace

A highly scalable and community-driven platform designed to buy, sell and trade NFTs in the light of blockchain security.

Technology used

Jean Gilles Capital

Capital & Crypto Management Software

The platform is designed to empower crypto enthusiasts to trade and earn handsome income from cryptocurrencies even with zero experience in trading.

Technology used

King Cubs

A Solana-based NFT marketplace

An NFT minting platform designed to support the community by offering donations to protect and preserve the environment.

Technology used

Utopos Blockchain City

A Polygon-based Web Platform

A Web platform designed for the Utopos -A futuristic blockchain city built on 3 layers with UTOP as it’s native token. Utopos project also includes:

  • Tokens/Coin development
  • Crypto Exchange  (UtoSwap)


Technology used


An Artificial Intelligence Generative AI Platform.

Truth AI or TruthGPT is an AI-based platform that is shaping the future of technology through merging blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to power the next generation of smart businesses.

Technology used

Aleigro Marketplace

An E-commerce Marketplace Connecting Suppliers and Buyers.

Aleigro.com is an e-commerce marketplace built to make trading in Africa more inclusive by breaching the gap between suppliers and buyers across the continent.

Technology used