International Import and Export Agency in Cameroon

AIC Ltd offers logistics services that includes vehicle import, office equipments and home utils.

We specialize in international import and export services in Cameroon. Our agency facilitates seamless transactions, ensuring efficient movement of goods across borders. With expertise in logistics, customs clearance, and compliance, we streamline the import and export process, delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Import and Export Services offered by AIC Ltd, in Cameroon.

AIC Ltd offers comprehensive import and export services in Cameroon. Our expertise encompasses logistics, customs clearance, and compliance, ensuring smooth international trade transactions

Vehicle Importation

AIC Ltd streamlines the import of vehicles into Cameroon, managing customs clearance, documentation, and transportation for a hassle-free process.

Home Utilities Importation

AIC Ltd sources and imports high-quality home utilities, ensuring smooth logistics and customs procedures for timely delivery to clients in Cameroon.

Office Equipment Importation

AIC Ltd facilitates the importation of office equipment, managing the entire process from procurement to customs clearance, ensuring prompt delivery and compliance with regulations.

Vehicle Importation and Clearance Service in Cameroon

At AIC Ltd, we help bring cars, trucks, and other vehicles into Cameroon.

We handle all the paperwork and make sure everything is legal and ready for the road. Whether it’s a family car or a work truck, we take care of the details so you can focus on driving. Our goal is to make importing vehicles easy and stress-free, ensuring you get your wheels without any hassle. Trust us to get you behind the wheel smoothly and safely.

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At AIC, we pride ourselves in the quality of service we offer. We understand the challenges that comes with moving goods from abroad to Cameroon. We encourage you to Call, WhatsApp or email us using the details below.

Home and Office Equipment Importation with AIC Ltd.

We make getting things for your home or office easy at AIC Ltd. From comfy furniture to useful gadgets, we find quality items from around the world and bring them to you in Cameroon.

For homes, it’s about making your space cozy and functional.

For offices, it’s about getting the tools you need to work better. We handle all the shipping and paperwork, so you can enjoy your new stuff without any worries.