David C. Marine

David C. Marine

Chief of Finance

David C. Marine is a seasoned Financial Manager with an illustrious career characterized by a meticulous approach to financial management and a proven track record of steering organizations towards fiscal success. As the Financial Manager at AIC, a groundbreaking real estate and crypto startup, David plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company’s financial health and strategic financial planning.


Professional Expertise:

  • Financial Strategy: With a wealth of experience in financial management, David is adept at developing and executing comprehensive financial strategies aligned with AIC’s overall business objectives. His strategic insights contribute to the company’s sustainable growth and profitability.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: David excels in creating detailed budgets and accurate financial forecasts, providing the startup with a roadmap for financial success. His forecasting models incorporate market trends, investment projections, and risk assessments, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Capital Management: As a Financial Manager, David oversees capital management, ensuring optimal utilization of financial resources. He collaborates with the executive team to assess funding needs, evaluate investment opportunities, and maintain a robust financial structure for AIC’s ventures.
  • Financial Reporting: David is committed to transparency and accountability. He leads the preparation of clear and concise financial reports, providing stakeholders with timely and accurate information crucial for assessing the startup’s financial performance.

Educational Background: David holds an advanced degree in Finance and Accounting, complemented by professional certifications that underscore his expertise in financial management. His academic achievements reflect a commitment to staying abreast of industry best practices and evolving financial regulations.

Strategic Vision: Driven by a passion for financial excellence, David envisions a future where AIC not only disrupts traditional real estate models but also sets new standards for financial acumen within the industry. His commitment to aligning financial goals with the startup’s innovative vision positions him as a key architect in AIC’s journey to redefine real estate transactions.

In his role as Financial Manager at AIC, David is the financial steward entrusted with safeguarding the startup’s economic well-being. He collaborates closely with the executive team, offering financial insights that inform critical decisions. His responsibilities encompass budget management, financial risk assessment, and strategic financial planning, all aimed at ensuring AIC’s financial sustainability and success in the dynamic intersection of real estate and cryptocurrency. David’s unwavering commitment to financial integrity and strategic acumen positions him as a driving force behind AIC’s financial success and innovative ventures.